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Show hosts that experienced difficulty in coordinating their FMBC show last season for any reason, especially if the difficulty resulted in an adverse situation for the show participants, as well as shows that were cancelled for any reason (other than weather-related issues) and shows where FMBC procedures were not followed, including but not limited to the selection and/or instruction of adjudicators who potentially damage the tournament integrity by failing to assign scores in accordance with FMBC criteria, will not be permitted to host a show in the following year. In addition these shows lose their FMBC seniority.

If problems are anticipated due to date conflicts, facility construction etc., show hosts are encouraged to request a 'bye' for that season. The final decision on granting a 'bye' and/or continued sanctioning rests solely with the FMBC Board of Directors.

If Regional Show directors of cancelled shows wish to host an FMBC Regional Show in the future, they must re-apply to FMBC and be placed on the waiting list for consideration in future years.

The annual deadline for returning shows to submit a current, signed registration form and pay their show fee is always set at July 1st.

For further information, contact the FMBC Executive Director.

ATTENTION - 2016 Regional Show Hosts

We require that you return a signed copy of the Show Registration Form along with your Hosting Fee (See Show Host Fee Schedule on Registration Form) to our Main Office no later than July 1st each year. If you are late in submitting your approval forms and/or fee, you risk losing FMBC sanction for your show.

We also request that you review and update your Show Details Form every year. This is used to generate show information for the website and for preparation of your Recap and Show Management software program.

The quality of your show is heavily dependent on the quality and training of your adjudicators (and clinicians, if applicable). You must submit the names of the adjudicators you plan to use to FMBC for review. You can submit the adjudicators on the Request for Adjudicator Approval Form. If you plan to use all CSJA adjudicators, just let us know and we will work directly with CSJA to review your adjudicators.


As an FMBC Regional Show Host, you can select the judges you want to use for your show. However, FMBC reserves the right to review your selections in order to insure the integrity of the state-wide tournament. Remember that the adjudicators not only need to understand how to manage their numbers to properly rank and rate the bands - they also have to be able to provide quality educational input to your participants by means of recorded comments and in most cases, face-to-face comments with the directors at a critique session held after the show.

In order to make the job of selecting qualified adjudicators as easy as possible, FMBC has a contractual arrangement with the Central States Judges Association (CSJA), a nationally-recognized organization that trains and certifies judges in FMBC standards and reference criteria. They provide the judges for over half of our Regional Shows, and they also provide many of the adjudicators for FMBC Semi-Finals and Finals. You can contact the CSJA Executive Director, Greg Mills, at 513-706-9463 or by email at The adjudication and mileage fees are set by FMBC and are exactly the same if you choose CSJA adjudicators or hire local adjudicators. There is a small service fee from CSJA to cover the cost of their phone calls, etc., when using one or more CSJA judges.

If you prefer to hire independent judges, our Adjudication Coordinator, Chip Wood, can help you identifiy qualified people. You can reach Chip by email at

The names of your judges will be reviewed by our Adjudication Committee, and Chip coordinates the review process for FMBC. If you are hiring independent judges, you must provide their names and the caption they will be judging by August 1st (last minute changes are common due to changes in judge schedules, judge conflicts of interest with your participating bands, etc. - send them to Chip as they occur). If you are using CSJA, Chip will work directly with CSJA to obtain their names and captions for review, and you will not have to deal with that issue.


For your reference, a request for a new show weekend does not necessarily mean the FMBC will approve the new date and sanction your show as an FMBC Regional, especially if there is a conflict with another show in your area on that weekend. We do not wish to exert undue control of your show date selection, but we want to be as fair as possible to other shows in your area, so that all FMBC Regional Shows can be successful. Your FMBC Regional Coordinator will help you select the best possible show date.

If you wish to take a one year 'bye,' this decision must have been made and approved prior to July 1st. Requests for a one-year bye without loss of show seniority are usually approved by FMBC. Please consult the FMBC Rules and Regulations for more detailed information.


Shows have priority in obtaining approval of their show dates based on their prior year dates and their seniority with FMBC.

When the director of a band with a show with lower seniority requests a new show date that results in a potential overlap with another show with higher seniority in the immediate geographic area, we suggest the director first attempt a compromise with the other school. Our Regional Coordinators are there to assist in these efforts.

A sample of a workable solution (which was used successfully with Cypress Lake and Mariner a few years back), was for one show in the area to operate in the morning (and early afternoon), and the other nearby show to operate in late afternoon and evening. The two shows were able to share the cost of adjudicator travel, as several of the same adjudicators evaluated both shows, but on different captions (Field Music vs Ensemble Music, etc.).

Participating bands in the morning show really enjoyed performing in the cooler morning weather, and students and directors of bands that chose to attend both shows appreciated only having to commit one Saturday to band while enjoying the benefits of two performances and two professional evaluations. This approach keeps costs down for both the host bands and the participants, while enabling many schools to attend both shows.

HINT - in the midwest it is common practice for a school to compete in the morning, have a picnic lunch at a local park, and then use a local high school or park football field (reserved in advance of course) for an afternoon rehearsal, and compete again at another show in the evening. This is a custom that might serve some Florida schools well, as students would only need to commit one weekend to band performances rather than two weekends and still have the benefit of two educational evaluations by different adjudicators, and two performance opportunities.