.........Rain, Rain, go Away
So the Bands can go out and play!!


We are pleased to announce that the outstanding Florida International University Golden Panther Marching Band under the direction of Barry Bernhardt will be performing in exhibition at the 2014 FMBC State Finals! Performance time will be approximately 7:45 PM - between the 1-A and 3-A bands.

They will also perform in the afternoon at approximately 1:08 as the tabulators compile the scores from the 4A and 5A bands.


Don't you just love Florida weather? Our state is famous for its sunshine, but once in a while a little rain must fall. Weather played a part in all of the FMBC Regionals this weekend, as bands were working to achieve those elusive Superior and Block scoring levels. The Finals at North Marion were totally rained out, and a portion of the Lakewood Ranch show had to move indoors. Unfortunately, while scores at an indoor event can be used to qualify a band to qualify to participate in FMBC Semi-Finals, they cannot be used to advance a band's seeding level.

Members of our staff were at the Wiregrass Ranch show this weekend, and we watched some outstanding bands brave the chilly, rainy weather to perform for an appreciate, umbrella-bearing audience. The bands that performed early in the show had windy conditions to contend with, but only a light mist. As the 3A bands came on the field, the mist turned into a light rain, which continued on and off for the rest of the show.

Harmony High School opened the show with a varied presentation ranging from the 'Daft Punk Medley' to 'Pompeii.' St. Cloud took us back to the legend of Little Red, complete with bone-chilling howls of the Big Bad Wolf. They were followed by a fun presentation of Phantom of the Piano Studio by Wesley Chapel (we especially like their interpretation of 'Chopstix.' Sebring brought us the music of Ian Grom and John Mapes, and Weeki Wachee presented their Sea to Shining Sea show, featuring the famous music of Aaron Copland. Land O' Lakes featured a fine solo trumpet artist on some tunes from the bullfight in their 'Toro' show, but Lecanto won the 2A class with a variety of music from Led Zepelin and Christina Perry with some movie tunes thrown in for good measure.

The small band class continued with Haines City's 'Rise Above' and Durant's 'La Boheme' and Bohemian Rhapsody. Lawton Chiles made the long drive from the Florida panhandle to present their version of 'A Touch of Spain,' just as the rain started to be a more serious factor. Wharton finished out the 3A class with their 'Dreamland' show, which placed them less than half a point behind Durant, who won the 3A Class, and ended up as the overall Grand Champion of the small bands section of the show..

The large band portion of the show began with the two 4A bands. Springstead presented a salute to love - their 'Amore' show - followed by South Lake's presentation of Ryan Wright's 'Blue Steel.' The rain grew even more intense, as the 5A bands opened with the huge Oak Leaf band's great presentation of Spanish-themed music that they called 'The Lady of Spain,' which of course, featured that well-known classic tune. The final competing band of the day was the University band. They performed their salute to 'Pandora's Box.' The scores for all four bands were very close, with only 0.2 seperating the 5A Champion, University, from the 4A champion, Springstead, with Oak Leaf and South Lake close behind. But as the scores were split fairly evenly, with Oak Leaf and University tying for Best Music in 5A. But the grand champion of the large band section of the show was F.W. Springtead. What a great show under difficult conditions. Our congratulations to all of the bands this weekend.

We will now be able to set up the final schedules. Some late registrations will affect the performance order of the size classes, as we have to allow time for bands and judges to get from the remote sites at Semi-Finals to the Tropicana Dome, so it will take an extra day or so before we can publish the final schedules for prelims, but the performance order for prelims will differ only slightly from the one shown in the most recent newsletter. However, as of Sunday evening, we are still working on setting the performance order for size classes at Finals.

Next weekend the Lely Show will feature judges from FMBC Semi-Finals - if you are interested in participating and receiving guidance and commentary from a judging panel consisting entirely of judges from the FMBC Semi-Finals panels, contact Lederian Townsend, the Lely director. As of today, he still had room for a couple more bands.

St. Cloud
St. Cloud brings Red Riding Hood's howling wolf to life
on a rainy day at the Wiregrass Ranch Show

Band Directors, if you can't participate this coming year, but would like to be on (or stay on) our e-mail list, click here.


Working in conjunction with our partners at DCI, FMBC will host our first-ever 'Battle at the Beach' Drum Line Competition at the 'Postcard Inn on the Beach,' located due west of the Tropicana Dome on St. Petersburg Beach on November 21st 2014, the evening before FMBC Semi-Finals and Finals.

Competing drum lines for various high schools will compete head-to-head in front of a panel of judges. The winner of each head-to-head competition will move on to the next round until a champion is crowned! The concept was developed by DCI as a part of their new 'SoundSport/Drum Line Battle' program series. You can view the Rules at the DCI Drum Line Battle Website. Drumlines must have 2 - 30 members, and all equipment must be carried (no grounded percussion). Competing groups perform head-to-head, each in a 12 meter (40 ft) square zone, separated from their competitor by a 2 meter neutral area. Performance time must be between 1-1/2 and 2 minutes. Although this is a competitive event, DCI tells us that the adjudication is heavily weighted towards audience entertainment! More information is available in Newsletter # 2 of our 2014 newsletter series.

Sept 29th
Oct 8th
Oct 16th
Oct 22nd
Oct 29th
Nov 4th




Original Photos Courtesy of JoleschEnterprises.com


In accordance with Tropicana Field guidelines, all event attendees, staff, and participants will be subject to full metal detection and bag searches. Metal detection in the form of walkthroughs and/or hand held wands will be located at all stadium entry points. To make this process as efficient and seamless as possible, please consider limiting the items you bring into Tropicana Field. Bags and purses are limited to 16" x 16" x 8" in size, and cameras with lenses in excess of 12" in length are prohibited, along with coolers of any kind. There are additional limitations, all designed with fan safety in mind. For more specific information on prohibited items and security procedures, please go to the Tropicana Field website at RaysBaseball.com/security

Of course bands and performing members will be exempt from some of the requirements, due to the nature of instruments and props. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT PIT CREW AND OTHERS ASSISTING THE BAND MAY BE SUBJECT TO SEARCH AT THE BAND ENTRY GATE PRIOR TO PERFORMANCE (AS WELL AS AT RE-ENTRY POINTS)!!!



There are three ways to obtain tickets to FMBC Semi-Finals and Finals.

1. If your band is participating in the Big Event, when you arrive at the performance site, you will receive a limited number of passes for your directors, staff, and the adults handling your props and equipment (see explanation below) to Semi-Finals.

2. Your director may have made a one-time advance purchase of tickets for students and adults at a discounted rate. An order form is available here. All advance ticket sales to 2014 FMBC events (as well as discounted hotel rooms and discounted tickets to local attractions) are handled by the Group Travel Network this year.

3. Tickets can be purchased at the gate for Semi-Finals and Finals. As in the past, all gate sales tickes are CASH ONLY. PLUS this year, true enthusiasts can purchase special VIP seating for Finals! The quantity of VIP seats is limited. Gate prices are shown below.


Semi-Finals (All Locations): $14
Finals: $20.00 at Tropicana Field
VIP seats: for FINALS ONLY....$30.00
As always, kids 8 and under are free to all events!


By special arrangement with the Group Travel Network, discounted hotel rooms at band-friendly hotels, as well as discount tickets to Bush Gardens and other local attractions are available.

Call the Group Travel Network and ask for the long-time friend of FMBC, Justin Shuler. He can be reached Toll-Free at  (866) 563-3703).

If you just need tickets for local attractions and/or group discount tickets for FMBC Semi-Finals and Finals, you can order those on line and save the phone call. A link to the order form is below.



Performance order is now set, and schedules are posted! When checking your band's performance time, remember that performance order is based on a combination of the date we receive your paid registration, along with the score your band achieved at an FMBC Regional Show.

As in the past, there were two levels of Registration, Standard Registration or Premium Registration. If your band moves on to Finals, you will receive either 20 wristbands (standard) or 30 wristbands (premium) for Finals. All other personnel needing to enter any gate will need to purchase entrance wristbands. Remember that new secuirty procedures are in effect, and anyone entering the stadium, even those with props and equipment, may be stopped and searched at the gate, so plan accordingly.

The details are below;

$450 included;

- 5 Staff/Director Credentials for Semi-Finals and Finals and
- 20 Chaperone/parent/staff/prop movers/bus drivers passes for Semi-Finals only


$750 included;

- 10 Staff/Director Credentials for Semi-Finals and Finals and
- 30 Chaperone/parent/staff/prop movers/bus drivers passes for Semi-Finals only





NOTE: Parking is free at remote sites, but the city of St. Petersburg charges $15 for parking at Tropicana Field. Driving directions to and from each site can be found on the Dropdown boxes for the event on our Regional Events Page.


Olympic Retreat 2013
FMBC Finals Olympic Retreat as viewed from the Pressbox - Nov 23, 2013 - Tropicana Dome, St. Petersburg Fl.
Algy Team Collection
2013 Finals Olympic Retreat 2
FMBC Finals Olympic Retreat as viewed from the Judges' Seats - Nov 23, 2013 - Tropicana Dome, St. Petersburg Fl.


With the aid of Music 'n Motion summer camps and the Central States Judges Association (CSJA), FMBC offers Scholarship opportunities for FMBC participating Instrumentalists and Guard members.

Your support is greatly appreciated by FMBC and by the many gifted students who work so hard to excel in high school band and guard, and have dreams to advance their training in music and the visual arts. If you would like to help support tbe FMBC Scholarship Fund, contact our Executive Director, Cathy Kersten at our main office.

FMBC/BIMBC Island Contest of Champions in Nassau, Bahamas
March 29th
Deadine for Early-Entry participant discount & pre-season seeding.
April 1st
CSJA Spring Seminar and Training in 2014 FMBC Standards (Indianapolis)
April 26th
Deadline for registration for the FMBC 2014 Summer Seminar (Call or e-mail our home office).
July 1st
Deadline for Sanctioned Regional Registration & Deposit
July 1st
2014 FMEA/FBA Summer Convention Altamonte Springs (Orlando area)
July 10-12
2014 FMBC/CSJA Summer Seminar for Directors and Adudicators
(Oak Ridge HS, Orlando)
July 13
Sanctioned Regional Deadline for Declaring Judges for review
Aug 1st
CSJA Fall Seminar (Indianapolis)
Aug 10th
FMBC Review of Judges for Regional Shows Complete
Aug 25th
First FMBC Regional of the Season
Sept 27th
Deadline for Revising/Correcting Class Size for Semi-Finals
Oct 27th
FMBC Semi-Finals Entry Deadline
Nov 1st
Deadline for receipt of applications for Jon Kersten Scholarships
Nov 2nd
FMBC Yearbook Photo Deadline
Nov 4th
Deadline for advance discounted ticket and merchandise sales
Nov 4th
FMBC Semi-Finals Program Information Deadline
Nov 7th
FMBC State Semi-Finals and Finals Judges announced and Schedule Finalized
Nov 12th
2014 DrumLine Beach Battle
Nov 21st
Nov 22nd
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