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In order to help insure the integrity of all FMBC events, all Regional Show Hosts are required to submit the names of their judges and their captions NO LATER THAN AUGUST 1st!

If you would like to use CSJA judges (there is a small service fee, but the actual judging fees are identical if the judges are independent or CSJA certified), contact Greg Mills, Judging coordinator at CSJA at 513-706-9463 or send him at email at AsstDir.CSJA@gmail.com - if you would like help in selecting an independent judge, contact Chip Wood at slote4@aol.com.

Once you have lined up your panel, send the names and captions to Chip and he will coordinate a review of your selections with the FMBC Adjudication Committee.

If you are using all CSJA adjudicators (more than half of our regionals use one or more CSJA judges on their judging panel), let us know, and we will work directly with CSJA to obtain the names of the adjudicators assigned to your show - you will not have to supply the names to us. Of course, the Adjudication Committee also reviews the names of all CSJA judges as well.

It is also helpful to us if your send a copy of the names and captions to the Technical Coordinator at FMBC01@gmail.com at the same time so that we can keep the website up to date in the most timely manner possible. The Adjudication Coordinator will handle the approval of your judges, and the Technical Coordinator will handle both the website and the preparation of your Recap and Show Management software.


We held our summer clinic on July 11th at the Hampton Inn in Apopka. Although we had a scheduled agenda, our clinic evolved into a round table discussion about ways that we can better serve you - our customers. FMBC is truly a service organization, dedicated to doing our best to help the band directors and high school music students of Florida.

Those in attendance had the chance to meet our new Adjudication Coordinator in person, and he was able to share a lot of his experiences as the director of a national-level program at Seminole in Pinellas County, and offer suggestions on things we could do to help FMBC continue to grow and expand.


Katie Buelow and Al Lilly, the Visual and Music Caption Heads of the Central States Judges Association, presented their clinic to over 40 CSJA Certified Judges as well as several interested band directors. Directors from as far -away as Michigan flew in to attend the clinic at Springstead High School in Spring Hill on July 18th. We were there too, of course.

This year CSJA focused on education and professionalism. Whereas a few years back the primary responsibilities of judges at a marching band event was, in this order, to Rank, Rate, Justify and Educate, the activity has evolved into a greater focus on education. While untrained but well-meaning band directors who serve as adjudicators often spend their time pointing out what is wrong with a band's performance, CSJA is intent on insuring that its judges put an emphasis on what is right, and in addition to professional, unbiased ranking and rating, focus on the educational aspects in their recordings and at the critique to help the participants reach their full potential.


The planning for next year is well underway. The early submittal draw is complete, and seedings are posted. You can click through on the FINALS INFORMATION page or simply click HERE to view the early draw seedings for 2015.

SHOW HOSTS - Please check the show schedule posted on the new REGIONAL EVENTS page and advise any changes or corrections by sending an e-mail to the FMBC Technical Coordinator at FMBC01@gmail.com .

As we announced in January, we will once again be hosting FMBC Finals in the Tropicana Dome, and we will again be hosting the unique and exciting Battle at the Beach for Drum Lines the evening before state Semi-Finals and Finals. A reference note - you do NOT have to be participating in FMBC State Semi-Finals to participate in the Beach Battle Drum Line competition. With a little luck, maybe we can convince our fearless leader to break out those fire batons again this year to help light up the beach!

We have adjusted our class sizes slightly to try to get a more even balance in each size grouping. Size classes for 2015 will be

1A - 1 to 24 Winds
2A - 25 to 35 Winds
3A - 36 to 56 Winds
4A - 57 to 80 Winds
5A- 81 Winds and up

As in the past, your performance time at FMBC Semi-Finals is based on a combination of your score at a Regional Event, and the date we receive your paid registration, with the earliest registrations going on last in their class. More information about seeding is in our Rules and Regulations.

You can now pre-register for Semi-Finals. Ppaid applications for Semi-Finals will be seeded on an as-received basis.

To Register for FMBC State Semi-Finals, use this link;


FMBC Finals will be held on November 21st, so start making your plans for the Big Event in 2015 now....

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Our friends at the Group Travel Network have negotiated discounted rates for FMBC Finals Weekend at several area hotels and motels. A complete list, along with contact information, is posted on our FMBC Finals Information Page.

When you contact these hotels, please let them know we recommended them so that these hotels will continue to work with us to provide discounted rooms in the future!


We would like to welcome BrightSpark Student Travel and Charms Office Assistant to FMBC. These two new sponsors are worth checking out - both are well-established, nationally recognized companies in their field, and can offer opportunities to you and your students.

If you are interested in becoming a 2015 FMBC Sponsor, we would llike very much to speak with you. Contact Sandi Rosenblatt at FMBCState@gmail.com for information.



We are updating portions of our website, so please excuse us if the site is not available for a few hours this week. You may get a notification from Parallels Plesk Panel indicating the site does not exist, but rest assured, we are there. If you encounter this message, let us know - it means we may need to take an action on our end to reactivate, but rest assured we will be back on line soon.


As our returning show hosts know, we strive to sanction shows on a priority basis based on seniority, but once a date is locked in on a school district calendar (and our calendar), it can become difficult or impossible to make changes.

Show dates are now posted, and we believe that all dates are now firm. We appreciate our show hosts working with us and working together to minimize overlap in each geographic area. Of course, some overlap is inevitable, but we do our best to help minimize this so that all of our regional shows can be successful.

As always, FMBC is unique in that we are a Florida-based, non-profit organization, and our sole focus is providing a service to YOU! We never take a single dollar from our regional show hosts (other than a small registration fee that covers the cost of the supplies and in some cases personnel we send you). The profits from your show go 100% to your school to help support your band program.



1A - Hialeah High School
2A - Seminole Ridge High School
3A - Jupiter High School
4A - Buchholz High School
5A - Park Vista High School

and to our


Barron Collier High School


You do not have to participate in FMBC Semi-Finals in order to participate in the Beach Battle. To register for the FMBC Beach Battle Drum Competition on the Friday evening before FMBC state Semi-Finals, use the link below;


FMBC Finals Retreat 2014
FMBC Finals Olympic Retreat as viewed from the Pressbox - Nov 22, 2014 - Tropicana Dome, St. Petersburg Fl.
Algy Team Collection


With the aid of Music 'n Motion summer camps and the Central States Judges Association (CSJA), FMBC offers Scholarship opportunities for FMBC participating Instrumentalists and Guard members, including our new FMBC Hall of Fame Scholarships, started in memory of John Rusnak. We extend our thanks for the support of the Cape Coral (charitable) Foundation in helping us get these scholarships launched!

Your support is greatly appreciated by FMBC and by the many gifted students who work so hard to excel in high school band and guard, and have dreams to advance their training in music and the visual arts. If you would like to help support any of tbe FMBC Scholarship Funds, contact our Executive Director, Cathy Kersten at our main office.

Deadine for Early-Entry participant discount & pre-season seeding.
April 1st
CSJA Spring Seminar and Training in 2015 FMBC Standards (Indianapolis)
May 2nd
Deadline for registration for the FMBC 2015 Summer Seminar.
July 1st
Deadline for Sanctioned Regional Registration & Deposit
July 1st
2015 FMEA/FBA Summer Convention Daytona Beach
July 8th-10th
FMBC Summer Seminar (10:30 AM - Hampton Inn in Apopka)
July 11th
CSJA Summer Clinic (8:30 AM
Springstead HS, Spring Hilll)
July 18th
Sanctioned Regional Deadline for Declaring Judges for review
Aug 1st
CSJA Fall Seminar (Indianapolis)
Aug 8th
FMBC Review of Judges for Regional Shows Complete
Aug 15th
First FMBC Regional of the Season
Sept 26th
Deadline for Revising/Correcting Class Size for Semi-Finals
Oct 27th
FMBC Semi-Finals Entry Deadline
Nov 2nd
Deadline for receipt of applications for Jon Kersten Scholarships
Nov 2nd
FMBC Yearbook Photo Deadline
Nov 2nd
Deadline for advance discounted ticket and merchandise sales
Nov 2nd
FMBC Semi-Finals Program Information Deadline
Nov 7th
FMBC State Semi-Finals and Finals Judges announced and Schedule Finalized
Nov 12th
2015 Drum Line Beach Battle
Nov 20th
Nov 21st
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